Friday, September 4, 2009

Too Cool - Toronto FC Season Tickets

Does anyone know what Miami FC's Season Ticket Package looks like? Toronto FC's package is sweeter than sweet, you can print your tickets online and keep the season tickets untouched and use them as a poster (more info)

Oh, you also get game day scarves.

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Pieter Brown said...

The Miami FC season tickets are much nicer than Toronto's. Well nicer in a minimalist way. I mean simpler, you know with less color and images and packaging.

The Miami FC season tickets come packaged in a beautiful and elegant pain #10 white envelope with your name hand written. They believe in personalizing every ticket package. The tickets are printed in glorious one, maybe 2 colors that you will want to keep as a collectors item. When hung on the wall all together they look like a group of really plain and unimaginative tickets.

Someday when Miami FC or somebody else steps up and takes things more professional, then we can cool looking tickets.