Monday, August 17, 2009

Silly Striker Liker, Lockhart Stadium has the Blues

The Blues came back to Lockhart this past Friday night and as any good Striker Liker would do, I had to come out in full color. Showing off my new Zazzle 3/4 Sleeve Striker shirt, I sat next to Fernando Clavijo and watched Miami FC and Minnesota Thunder play a less than subpar match.

The Ultras were in full effect, the salted pretzels were just a little too lukewarm and the guy in the Miami Fusion shirt brought out the nostalgia. It was everything I would have hoped for.

The Blues lost 1-0 and I can't say it was a heartbreaker, the Thunder had chance after chance to make things ugly.

In any case, we've got two more games at Lockhart to cherish forever. Keep coming!

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