Friday, October 31, 2008

A Model Switch

So we're swapping chiseled chests are we?

David Beckham goes to AC Milan and Freddie Ljungberg comes to the States (well, officially Seattle).

I'm not sure who got the better deal; the MLS? Seattle? Becks? AC Milan? The Sounders? Arsenal fans? Posh? Tom Cruise?

Tom Cruise always wins. Thank you MLS.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Bright Idea

This week, MLS announced a list of prospective parties trying to get a franchise. That list included a team for Miami with a management group consisting of FC Barcelona and Marcelo Claure.

Marcelo Claure is the CEO of Brightstar, a wireless solutions company in Miami that specializes in customizing mobile technologies (mainly cell phones and related accessories).

Their proposed plan uses FIU's new "The Cage" stadium, which according to reports is "soccer ready".

Any hope this new team will be called the Strikers and completely overshadow the recent rebirth of the Tampa Bay Rowdies? Not likely. Marcelo Claure has a background working with the Bolivian National Team and FC Barcelona may want to open up their brand here ala Chivas USA.

But look closely, the FC Barcelona crest has Striker Stripes (see upper right hand corner of logo). That is enough hope for me to start digging out some Striker Liker bumper stickers.

Good luck, gentlemen and give a Striker Liker a chance.

Monday, October 6, 2008

103 British Pounds

Yeah, that's right. Some guy out there (okay, it might have been a lady) outbid me for the Fort Lauderdale Strikers Subbuteo team set (seen pictured here - if you don't know about Subboteo, get knowledge).

What is going on here? Am I safe in assuming, that if someone wouldn't mind shelling out some sterling silver for a replica of the best soccer team in South Florida, that maybe sometime soon the real thing could appear?

Don't call me a dreamer. Don't call me at home either. But I wanted that set. Unfortunately, we are in a bad economy right now and I don't think this set would make a good investment. It doesn't help with the ladies either.

So way to go "kneecaps233" you must be a George Best fan. Now come over here and join the Striker Likers! We love supporters like you. Keep the dream alive!