Friday, September 25, 2009

Look Again, It's Not What You Think

No, it's not a professional soccer game in South Florida, actually the attendance here might exceed that of some Miami FC games. No, this is the FIFA U-20 World Cup in Egypt. This pic is from the Italy vs. Paraguay match. I wonder how South Florida would fare in staging this game. Sellout crowd at FIU perhaps?

Ah, to dream. September officially marks the end of Miami FCs season, so live professional soccer is now in the closet with the moth balls as we get our soccer fix through espn360,, foxsoccer, setanta, etc., etc., etc.

But in an offseason there are always 'talks'. What these 'talks' will lead to no one can really tell. Let's hope they don't end up with the, "let's fold the team" scenario. If that be the case, then maybe this Striker Liker will move to Seattle and deal with the winter.

But for now, the middle of October is the finishing line for World Cup Qualifiers, who will fill out the draw and which heavyweight will watch South Africa 2010 from the comfort of their couch?

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Anonymous said...

Miami FC you want a fan war you got one. See what you did MiamiFC.