Monday, August 17, 2009

Silly Striker Liker, Lockhart Stadium has the Blues

The Blues came back to Lockhart this past Friday night and as any good Striker Liker would do, I had to come out in full color. Showing off my new Zazzle 3/4 Sleeve Striker shirt, I sat next to Fernando Clavijo and watched Miami FC and Minnesota Thunder play a less than subpar match.

The Ultras were in full effect, the salted pretzels were just a little too lukewarm and the guy in the Miami Fusion shirt brought out the nostalgia. It was everything I would have hoped for.

The Blues lost 1-0 and I can't say it was a heartbreaker, the Thunder had chance after chance to make things ugly.

In any case, we've got two more games at Lockhart to cherish forever. Keep coming!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Where Will You Sit Tonight?

Soccer comes home tonight! Miami FC is promoting the final games of the season with great intent and the players are risking their scalps to eradicate empty seats see here.

Some come out and make some noise, wear a Striker shirt, if you got 'em. Bring the kids, come for the soccer, come for the arepas, just come!

See you all tonight!