Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Website Burns Bulls Logo, Fuels Heat Domination

Let's give credit to where credit is due. So you think the Miami Heat's recent success over the regular season best record holders is a culmination of a year long project of three great players and a team of hard working no names? Well, think again.

Last week, a travel website promoting cruises and land vacations sent out their usual weekly informative with a special theme, "White Hot Summer Specials".

A slight nod to the company's allegiance, but a closer look and you will find something even more amusing.

That's right folks, a Bulls logo burning in flames. A subliminal move that has echoed three straight victories, each one more intense than the last. Will this stay online until El Heat take the trophy? No one really knows.

Why does this Striker Liker care? Well, for starters, the Heat share the Striker colors. Two, they are a hard-working bunch that like to win the hard way. Finally, I just want to prove that sometimes a little but of virtual ingenuity can go a long way to fulfilling one's sport dreams.

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