Monday, May 9, 2011

Rongen Gongen

So last week, former Striker player and manager Thomas Rongen was sacked by US Soccer after failing to qualify for this summer's U-20 FIFA World Cup. Tis a shame, but it was a long time coming for some and now we are left to wonder; will Rongen return to the Strikers to resurrect his coaching career?

On a real Striker tip, another tie on this road trip and another almost win ripped out from underneath us in the final minutes. Good thing is we are not losing these games and we are up by one with only minutes left. Chemistry and cohesion will be the fix, but the real problem is in the fact that all our goals are coming from the penalty spot.

Kudos to Chacho Coudet for being spot on from the penalty spot, but someone's gotta step up!

Wednesday night game this week against a surging Carolina, 7pm, hopefully the web feed will work this time around.

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