Tuesday, May 9, 2017

We're Not Gonna Take It

Still waiting to hear about the future of the Fort Lauderdale Strikers, just like we’re waiting to hear about Miami Beckham United (recent news reports seem to indicate there actually maybe news). In any case, Miami FC remains the only professional outfit in all of South Florida, but let that not be a harbinger for doom. In fact, the opposite is true. The true dirty south has begun to rise, in several ways.


The cup begins this week and we have representation! Red Force FC, Miami United FC, Boca Raton FC and the South Florida Surf will be playing their hand in the cup. They, of course, play each other in the first round, meaning at least two will be in the second round. It’s good to know we have this strong a contingent of amateur sides.


The good old U, S of A qualified, finished second in the tournament and had a few young-ins from around here. Weston FC and Kendall SC each had an impact player on the squad.


Yes, we Striker fans have a podcast. And it’s awesome! This South Florida-centric show really pulls at my heart strings. The show’s crew - Chris, Paul and Justin really know their stuff and can put on an entertaining 2 hours each week. Guests include soccer writers, soccer players, soccer movers and shakers. Hopefully I’ll get a guest spot in the “kudio” one day.


Flight 19, the Strikers supporter’s group did what they had to do while the Strikers went away - they started their own club! A community-owned club will be bringing a fresh look to amateur scene, and also supporters to amateur games.

So that’s just a peppering of what we got going on down here. As for me, well, I’ve got some things in the works as well. Too early to brag about now, but just like my neighbors, I’m not sitting idle while Lockhart Stadium becomes a weed garden.

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