Friday, April 15, 2011

Timbers Army Sing National Anthem

I stayed up a little late last night to catch the opening minutes of the Portland Timbers as they played their first home game ever as an MLS side. To my complete giddiness and satisfaction, the Portland supporters (aka the Timbers Army) performed the national anthem and it was awesome!

Click here if you missed it.

For us Striker Likers, just having the Strikers back in town has been a huge accomplishment, if not a wish come true. But now we must focus and keep bringing that passion we showed last week to each and every Striker home game. We can have an MLS team again if we can prove we will support it.

Let's show the States what the Striker Likers are all about. See you all tonight, let's beat up on Minnesota!

One more thing, in the ASL/APSL days of the Strikers, when the national anthem was sung, we used to always it end off with, "and the home of the STRIKERS!" I did it last week in homage, and I'm gonna do it again tonight, who's gonna join me?

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