Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Striker Fans Stay Calm

It's extremely understandable that after this weekend's strong showing against Red Bull New York, Striker fans around the globe are in mass hysteria, parading their hometown streets as if we'd won the FIFA Club World Cup by beating Barcelona 5-0.

Low and behold this find gem recently available on ebay. It's a match-worn, 1981 ElĂ­as Figueroa adidas Striker away jersey and it's up for sale for approximately $1,624.87! Yes, the price is true. Chile's best ever player and a member of FIFA's top 125 of all time played for the Strikers and his shirt is going for a butt load.

This may be an attempt to play off the popularity of the Chilean Miners, who brave souls as they were, escaped their living tombs in full hooligan style, waving Chilean flags and chanting, "Chi, Chi, Chi, Le, Le, Le".

Anybody wanna post a grand plus for this piece of history?

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