Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fan Club Pre Season Meeting this Saturday!

Join the Ultras this Saturday, February 5th at 12pm at the Hollywood Ale House to finally creep out of your winter slumber and get back into soccer fanaticism shape.

Have you been bummed since the World Cup? Premier League action not enough to keep you going? Well the time has finally come to get out those flags, horns, drums and face paint and get geared up for a local pro soccer season.

It's time to start planning supporters rallies, road trips, opening day craziness and somehow someway getting an MLS team in South Florida.

Besides the Miami FC/Strikers season, we've got Gold Cup matches and even Barcelona versus AC Milan in the summer. Excited yet!

The Hollywood Ale House is located at 3215 Oakwood Blvd., Hollywood, FL 33020 (it's the same plaza as Home Depot, you know, where Six Flags Atlantis used to be).

See you there!

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