Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Schedule Unleashed

Well, it's out there, the 2011 Striker Schedule. Read a few posts back and I would have never believed this day would come. But what's the deal with the Miami FC/Strikers name? Are we not going all in and making it the Fort Lauderdale Strikers? The Miami FC/Strikers is retarded, pardon the euphemism, I could call it something worse.

In any case, it's pro soccer and it's right here in our back yard. Unfortunately, there is no 9/9 scheduled affair. 9/9 marks the anniversary of the Strikers lone championship victory back in 1989. That weekend the Strikers will be on their way to Edmonton. So party at the Hard Rock to celebrate on Friday night? Who's with me.

Here's the full schedule, all home games to be played at Lockhart Stadium:

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