Monday, July 6, 2009

There is Something in the Air

It seems as though, more and more, day after day, a fever is beginning to brew. When did it start we don't really care, but the smell is in the air and it is a sweet sweet fragrance. Soccer in South Florida is starting to take shape. Don't deny it. Don't hate it. Participate.

This weekend the Gold Cup will FIU home. Miami FC's season is in full swing and a local is a star on the National Team.

Could this be the ramblings of something good?

People are interested. People are doing crazy things.

But we are loving every minute of it.

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Derek said...

Hey that's my Strikers design.... cool! Hopefully we someday see some yellow and red hoops roaming an MLS pitch!! I just got a throwback Strikers jersey, and I'd love to see the team revived, as I was born the year after the original team moved to Minnesota, and I only gained a serious interest in pro soccer until after the Fusion folded. Any billionaires who like soccer out there? Build us a stadium and bring top tier soccer back to South Florida!!