Wednesday, July 29, 2009

And the Dessert Cart Rolls On

Striker Likers, now is the time to rejoice! Our voices are being heard and read. Our little site here, for a short time, was nothing more than a sign post, but the fervor of Striker fever is catching on around the World (Wide Web, that is).

Facebook now has a dedicated group of Striker Likers.

Twitter has also come around with a Striker Liker page.

The Miami FC fanclub homepage has a many Striker Likers in their ranks.

What does this all mean? Well, not much, but at least people are talking, tweeting, blogging, posting photos, sharing memories and that just might lead to something.

Now, wouldn't that be nice?


footysphere said...

Hi, just come across your blog as I was browsing for stuff about the Strikers. You may like this, it's a brief blog post I've done about the Strikers tour of England in 1978.

Strikers Tour of England 1978

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