Friday, April 10, 2009

You Would Think

You would think we would have lots to talk about. An exciting week in the Champions League. The sensational upsets of World Cup Qualifying. Even the impending visit of Miami FC to Fort Lauderdale is newsworthy. But for some reason the words are escaping us. That may be the curse of this place. 

The weather is wonderful. Spring Break excitement is in the air. But there is an emptiness. A sports emptiness. The entire world is full swing into soccer and yet, we, here in Fort Lauderdale, have nothing to look forward but the fever of Baseball season. The Heat and the Panthers seem to be ignored. The Dolphins also are still in the cobwebs of the mind. And the Marlins, well, the highlight of their season already occurred. They got a new stadium. Let's celebrate (insert sarcasm).

OK, enough of the depressive attitude. Miami FC is coming to Lockhart. So dig up your best Striker Liker gear and make a presence. If the person writing this post is the only one wearing a Striker shirt, then at least that makes one.

Let the movement begin.

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