Monday, October 6, 2008

103 British Pounds

Yeah, that's right. Some guy out there (okay, it might have been a lady) outbid me for the Fort Lauderdale Strikers Subbuteo team set (seen pictured here - if you don't know about Subboteo, get knowledge).

What is going on here? Am I safe in assuming, that if someone wouldn't mind shelling out some sterling silver for a replica of the best soccer team in South Florida, that maybe sometime soon the real thing could appear?

Don't call me a dreamer. Don't call me at home either. But I wanted that set. Unfortunately, we are in a bad economy right now and I don't think this set would make a good investment. It doesn't help with the ladies either.

So way to go "kneecaps233" you must be a George Best fan. Now come over here and join the Striker Likers! We love supporters like you. Keep the dream alive!

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