Sunday, January 6, 2008

Striker Likers Episode IV: A New Hope

Can the rumors be true? Please! It's been floating around that perhaps Lockhart Stadium might survive a Baltimore Oriole takeover. Reason being is that the Fort Lauderdale executive airport might restrict the building plans of the massive and excessive Spring training facility. Also of note is that Oriole officials are speaking with representatives in Vero Beach who want in on the Spring training action.

Us here at Striker Likers dot com say, "Give those damn Vero-ians there baseball!"

Sun-Sentinel and the South Florida Business Journal both reported on the issue as well as the possibility that the former Orange Bowl site maybe constructed with a soccer stadium adjacent to a new Marlins stadium. Conditions beware though as the Marlins haven't yet confirmed, nor denied, the effort to build a new park there and if a soccer stadium is to follow someone's gonna have to fork over at least $50 million.

Car wash anyone?

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