Friday, December 14, 2007

Thank You Sun-Sentinel

For those of you who don't know, the Sun-Sentinel is a Striker Likers newspaper. It's our local record and examiner. From the NASL days to the APSL championship run and even through today, we Likers get our soccer fix from the Sun-Sentinel's pages.

Still, mistakes are made. In recent light of the Miami Dolphins record-breaking season, it seemed fitting for some staff members at the Sun to take a jab at our beloved Strikers. Some people still think that the number of points on the scoreboard are directly related to the excitement and action on the field.

As Likers, we know the contrary. So thank you Sun-Sentinel for living in the past enough to think that people make fun of soccer because of "low scores". Instead, you went above and beyond, you put the Striker jersey back where it should be, on the pages of your Sports Section.

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Scott said...

I am here to support the blog and the Strikers. I encourage all likeminded Broward County residents to do the same and call their local representives and say "we want an MLS franchise," because if Columbus can do it, we can too.